What Others Are Saying

AFCIs have the support of many prominent organizations such as the National Fire Safety Administration (NFSA) and the U.S. Fire Administration. Here’s what a few supporters have to say about AFCIs:

“Or ask the electrical fire safety industry. By collaborating on a critical standard for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the National Fire Protection Association, and Underwriters Laboratories have helped to prevent more than 40,000 home fires, over 350 deaths, and more than 1,400 injuries each year.”

http://www.standardsboostbusiness.org/default.aspx“Ask your electrician about AFCIs. This year, hundreds of thousands of homeowners will wish they had.”The Electrical Fire Safety Task Force

“Arc-Fault Protection Saved This Home” Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co

“The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) urges that arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) technology be installed in all new and existing housing to protect homes and families from fires caused by electrical arcing.” Brett Brenner, President, ESFI

“The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) submitted comments to legislative committees in Michigan and South Carolina , urging them to retain requirements for AFCI protection of bedroom receptacles in their state electrical codes. Cost cutting pressure from homebuilders’ association in both states led to code proposals to delete AFCI protection required by the National Electrical Code, when constructing new homes” NECA Contractors Code Letter

“CPSC has identified arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) technology as an effective means of preventing fires caused by electrical wiring faults in homes” – U.S. Fire Administration

“The National Association State Fire Marshals (NASFM) strongly supports the broad adoption of AFCI technology through national, state, and local building codes. AFCI’s are the most welcome addition to fire prevention in decades. AFCI’s promise to save hundreds of lives every year”
John C. Dean, President, NASFM

“The National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) strongly encourages its members to educate all of their clients about the life and property saving benefits of AFCI technology, especially those clients considering the purchase of a home more than 20 years old”
Mallory Anderson, Executive Director

“As a burn victim – and a burn survivor – I know the pain that is caused by fire. I am also an advocate for greater consumer product fire safety that can prevent future burn injuries. That’s why I endorse the use and installation of AFCIs in homes. An AFCI detects any malfunctions in the electrical system within the walls of a home – and stops a fire before it starts. It prevents any mother, father or child from having to bare the pain of a burn. The cost of an AFCI is minimal compared to the cost of losing your home or, worse, a loved one to a fire that could have been prevented. This safety device simply makes sense.”
Delores Lekowski is a burn survivor, a fire safety advocate and the author of “The Hurting Angels” and “The Power Angels.” Lekowski has also volunteered in a Cleveland hospital’s burn care unit.

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