Home Owners - Tips

Take advantage of our Tech Support lines.  We all have great tech support teams that can help with your troubleshooting needs.

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General Tips

  • Check the connection between the light socket and the light bulb base
  • Put electronics on surge protectors
    • Protection from lightning
    • Mitigates noise from frequently used electronics
  • Look for products that meet UL 1449 and FCC part 15
  • Furniture is not on or pushing against electrical wires
  • Beware or overloaded circuits, damaged cords, or blackened plugs
  • Used qualified electrician for wiring electrical projects

Preventative measures

  • Ensure light bulbs are tight in socket
  • Protect electronics on surge protectors
  • Do not put furniture on or push furniture against electrical wires
  • Devices in the home should be UL and FCC Part 15 compliant
  • Do not overload a circuit