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AFCI Circuit Breakers Among Technologies Contributing to Drop in Residential Electrical Fires - Electrical Contractor Magazine (2013)
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Success Stories - NEMA (2013)
NEMA: AFCI Acceptance Spreading, but Indiana Still Lagging Behind – Housing Zone (July 2009)
Circuit breaker vote is put off until September - The News & Observer (June 2009)
Circuit breakers rule may bend - The News & Observer (June 2009)
Don't pull the plug on a fire-safety gain - The News & Observer (June 2009)
Faults and Fires - The News & Observer (June 2009)
What is the Price of Safety? – Indianapolis Star (May 2009)
Reversal of State Ruling May Prevent Home Fires – Indianapolis Star (May 2009)
Breakers Get New Standard – Columbus Dispatch (January 2009)
Fire Safety Discussed in Raleigh County – WVNS-TV (April 2009)
Fire safety issue of public hearing Friday in Beckley – The Register Herald (April 2009)
Wisconsin Playing with Fire - WTMJ-TV (March 2009)

Builders Fight New Circuit Breaker Rule – Raleigh News & Observer (December 2008)
Building Code Panel Shouldn’t Back Down – Charlotte Observer (December 2008)
Faulty Act by Building Council – News-Record (December 2008)
Give Us a Break – Raleigh News & Observer (December 2008)
Protest Panned, Safety Slammed – Fayetteville Observer (December 2008)
Fire Chiefs – New building code will save homes, lives – WRAL-TV (December 2008)
Fire Officials Want Circuit Breakers in New Homes – International Fire Fighting News (December 2008)
AFCI article sparks reader debate - EC&M (January 2008)
Could An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Have Prevented This Fire - Burn Survivors Support Blog (February 2008)
Expanding Home Safety with AFCIs - IAEI News (Jan-Feb 2008)
Fighting for safe homes - The Plain Dealer_Everything Cleveland (February 2008)
Fire orgs seek enhanced building code requirements - SalemNews (January 2008)
Groups at odds over new circuit code - Columbus Dispatch (March 2008)
Homebuilders want ohio officials to set aside new electrical code requiring arc fault breakers - Cleveland.com (February 2008)
New Arc-Fault Breakers to be Required in 2009 - – The Columbus Dispatch (July 2008)
Ohioans had input in new circuit code - Columbus Dispatch (April 2008)
Understanding the Combination AFCI Expansion in NEC-2008 - AFCI (Jan-Feb 2008)

AFCI Circuit Breakers Valuable safeguard - CSEMag (November 2007)
AFCIs Increase Safety from Fires - Electrical Contractor (June 2007)
AFCIs to the Rescue - Professional Builder (December 2007)
AFCI SIDELIGHT We interrupt this circuit - EWWeb (September 2007)
AFCI Web site - EC&M (May 2007)
Arc-detecting Circuit Breakers Will See Wider Use - Electronic Design (June 2007)
Arc fault_your questions answered - EC&M (November 2007)
Arc-fault circuit interrupters spark controversy - ElecDesign.com (August 2007)
Could An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Have Prevented This Fire
EC&M_NEMA (July 2007)
Expanded AFCI Requirements Spark Controversey - JLC Online (September 2007)
Expanding Home Safety with AFCIs - IAEI News (Jan-Feb 2007)
Eye on Safety_NEMA publishes white paper - EC&M ElectrialZone (June 2007)
Full circuit - Big builder online (July 2007)
Letter to the editor - Journal of Light Construction (November 2007)
NEC Digest (August 2007)
NEMA educates about home fires - Residential Systems (June 2007)
Nema launches safety website - ECMWeb.com (June 2007)
New circuit interrupters prevent electrical fires - Appleton Post Crescent (June 2007)
New home safety measure - Professional Remodeler (June 2007)
Parden the interruption - The Daily Reporter (December 2007)
Preventing shocks and electrical fires - NY Times (November 2007)
Sidelight: We Interrupt This Circuit - Electrical Wholesaling (September 2007) 
Understanding the Combination AFCI Expansion in NEC-2008 - AFCI (Jan-Feb 2007)
Web Site Highlights AFCI Safety - Electrical Wholesaling (July 2007)
Web site prevents juiced newtons - tauton.com (June 2007)



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